1 April 2024

Globe employees recently came together to create a #Better&Kinder workplace as the company held Employee Appreciation Week, which sought to foster a healthy work environment where appreciation, recognition, and positivity abound.

Through the initiative, Globe employees were encouraged to express gratitude and acknowledgment to co-workers, and also appreciate oneself. It kicked off with Globe’s Group Heads sending heartfelt thank you letters to their teams, creating a ripple effect across the organization. These letters were cascaded by management committee members and middle managers, ensuring that every Ka-Globe felt valued and appreciated.

Adding a personal touch, employees were encouraged to send Thank You ecards to their colleagues through bot broadcasts, cultivating a sense of community and belonging.

Another highlight of the celebration was the installation of Affirmation Mirrors at the lobby of The Globe Tower, the company’s headquarters. These mirrors were adorned with pre-written affirmation messages, encouraging employees to embrace self-love and positivity.

Employees also had the chance to pen their own positive statements, adding a unique and personal dimension to the experience. This effort, highlighted by the hashtags #CelebrateYou and #BetterAndKinder, acted as a powerful reminder of the role self-affirmation plays in creating a supportive workplace culture.

Extending the spirit of kindness beyond its headquarters, Globe introduced the Kindness Board in Globe Stores and various offices, where employees shared positive messages and uplifted one another. This initiative is inspired by the concept of “Take What You Need, Give What You Can,” commonly found in kindergarten schools.

Address Ka-Globe, Ernest Cu, Globe President and CEO, said: “A Heartfelt message may only take a minute to create, but its impact can be profound. Let us work together to create a culture of gratitude within our organization and recognize all the contributions of our Ka-Globe who made 2023 a successful year for the group.”

“Witnessing our Ka-Globe unite, exchanging moments of gratitude and kindness, perfectly captures the essence of our company’s values. We are convinced that nurturing a culture of appreciation sets the foundation for a workplace that is not only more positive and productive but also deeply fulfilling,” said Renato Jiao, Head of Human Resources at Globe.

Arvin Faustino, a recent addition to Globe’s Finance and Administration team, said working in Globe “feels like family to me.”

“I recently celebrated my first year in Globe and it has been a very wonderful year, nothing but gratitude and thankfulness to be part of this organization, being able to work with people who treat you like a family and being around teammates who always demonstrate positive attitude and appreciation even to the smallest things that we can contribute. I am truly proud to be a ka-Globe,” he shared.

Her supervisor’s appreciation came in the form of a home-cooked meal for Ghema Tuangco, also from Finance.

“Our immediate supervisor cooked homemade food for the team, putting in time and effort to prepare it for everyone,” she said.

Dep De Pasion, Employee Engagement Manager at Globe, was among employees who felt the impact of the activity, grateful for his manager’s letter during Employee Appreciation Week.

“It came at the right time when I was feeling very down and overwhelmed,” he said.

For Francis Mendoza of Globe’s Channel Management Group, the activity showed just how much Globe values its employees.

“Seeing the affirmation mirrors and kindness board in the lobby reminded me to always be kind and show appreciation to everyone,” Mendoza said.

By putting its people at the heart of its operations, Globe continues to lead by example, showing that a culture of appreciation is key to achieving organizational success and employee satisfaction. This has brought Globe multiple local and international awards, including being named among the best companies to work for in Asia.

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