/ 28 February 2021

VISAYAS State University President Dr. Edgardo E. Tulin announced he is willing to be vaccinated publicly to encourage people about the need to have the vaccine against Covid19.

Tulin, a Biotechnology professor, wants to use his position as a key figure from the scientific community to raise awareness about the necessity of getting the vaccine in the fight against the pandemic.

He made the remark in a webinar hosted by the Department of Biotechnology which discussed the importance of public officials in the vaccination campaign of the government.

“If a vaccine becomes readily available here in VSU, I will be the first one to publicize my inoculation to show the community that the vaccine is safe,” Tulin said on Tuesday as posted on the VSU website.

“I thank Dr. (Adelito) Posas and the webinar organizers for conducting this very educational event. We need to contribute in fixing public understanding of vaccines and VSU being a science university should do something on that aspect to ensure that more people will get vaccinated when this becomes readily available for everyone,” he added.

Surveys from the University of Santo Tomas and the Social Weather Station showed the public is hesitant to get vaccinated.