Bulletin Board


/ 16 June 2021

The Southern Luzon State University in the province of Quezon has re-opened the online application of its College Entrance Exam for the next school year.

SLSU said applicants can visit https://tinyurl.com/SLSUAdmission2021Batch3 from June 16 to 26, 2021 to register for the exam, which will be held at the 26th.

It added that the examination will only be held at its Lucan-Main campus and has advised the students to accomplish the online form to avoid inconveniences.

Students are advised to upload a clear scanned copy of their academic records, certificate of income of parents, and a 2×2 picture.

SLSU’s Student Admission Office will provide the examination permits of qualified students on the day of the examination.

Meanwhile, SLSU will be using flexible learning for the next school year as it aims to protect the students from contracting Covid19.