Power consumption cut by 3,808 MWh, ~2,800 in CO2 emissions avoided

2 May 2024

Globe is transforming its network by shifting to energy-efficient solutions and phasing out outdated equipment, a move that demonstrates its foresight in harnessing advanced technology for sustainable growth and enhanced operational efficiency.

These efforts have led to reduced power consumption by around 3,808 MWh and total reduction of 2,811 metric tons in carbon emissions, equivalent to exhaust from 669 gas-powered vehicles for one year*.

One major solution is the system-on-chip-based plug-in cards, which have allowed Globe to double the number of supported cells and halve its energy consumption, enabling greater scalability and site coverage with a reduced environmental impact. Globe utilized this advancement to significantly reduce the power consumption of its base stations in the Visayas and Mindanao regions.

As of December 31, 2023, the deployment of these cards has led to a reduction in power consumption by 231 MWh and a reduction of 173 metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2).

The company has also undertaken a comprehensive program to phase out and shut down outdated equipment, transitioning to more efficient and modern technologies to mitigate the environmental impact associated with electronic waste.

In addition, Globe has streamlined technologies and resources to better serve its customers’ needs through frequency refarming, repurposing equipment, and phasing out obsolete solutions. Collectively, these measures have led to reduced energy consumption by around 3,577 MWh and a substantial reduction of 2,638 metric tons of CO2, or the same amount of emissions from 628 gas-powered vehicles for a year.*

Reflecting on these achievements, Joel Agustin, Globe’s SVP for Network Planning and Engineering, said: “Our commitment is to deliver exceptional service while ensuring that we contribute positively to environmental sustainability, with initiatives that reflect our forward-thinking approach to technology and our responsibility towards future generations.”

These initiatives are part of Globe’s ambition to achieve Net Zero emissions by 2050, aligned with global efforts to combat climate change. Looking ahead, the company is committed to further capitalizing on energy-efficient solutions to decrease its baseline power consumption and reduce the carbon footprint of its cell sites, continuing its journey towards greater sustainability and efficiency.

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