/ 4 August 2021

THE UNIVERSITY of the East on Tuesday said it will not implement an academic ease during the imposition of enhanced community quarantine in Metro Manila, its president said.

UE President Ester Garcia issued the statement following the call from the students to ease the burden of online learning amid the lockdown.

“I am sorry I cannot agree to your request not to have quizzes, homework and activities until after August 20. Our learning and other activities will be fully online,” Garcia said.

The students earlier said the move will help learners who cannot enroll before the opening of classes to cope with their academic workloads.

“There should be no submissions or quizzes to give way to those students who are incapable of enrolling before the start of classes and to have compassion to those students who will be left behind as we pushed through with the first day of classes on August 9,” they said.

On Sunday, Garcia also rejected students’ call to postpone the opening of classes for Academic Year 2021-2022.

She stressed that delaying the opening of the academic year will cause irregularities in the Commission on Higher Education’s mandate to have 17 class hours per unit in a semester.

Garcia added that faculty members will be greatly affected if classes will be moved to a later a date.