San Miguel player Daniel de Guzman failed to attend and show in a virtual meeting set up by the Games and Amusements Board (GAB) which led to his pro license being suspended on Friday, September 24.

/ 25 September 2021

The San Miguel Beer 3×3 player has been dragged to being involved with gambling and game-fixing activities.

Last September 14, a bettor took to social media as a means to disclose a shared conversation with De Guzman, accusing him of passing a bad tip that resulted in big losses.

De Guzman, who was drafted by the Beermen 42nd overall in the 2019 PBA draft, and signed to a one-year contract had a chance to explain and clear his name under a virtual zoom meeting with GAB on Friday.

However, De Guzman did not show up at all in which the GAB decided to suspend his license.

“We’re disappointed you did not appear,” GAB chairman Abraham “Baham” Mitra told News5 reporter Lyn Olavario.

“[I]’m sorry to say you are blacklisted and will not be allowed to use your professional license until the admin proceedings shall commence and come out with the recommendation whether to revoke your license or not.”

Even though De Guzman has denied all of the accusations, Mitra said that his refusal to attend a formal meeting to explain himself may indicate that all of the allegations are true. 

“If you keep on avoiding to appear in proper forums, then what does that mean? There is probably a chance that you are guilty,” Mitra said

Mitra ended the interview saying that he was skeptical that De Guzman would be able to continue competing in the 3×3 tournament of the PBA as long as the matter remains unresolved.