Eumir Marcial’s Olympic bid in Tokyo together with his team is looking likely to be supported by a fellow athlete, Thirdy Ravena after reaching out to the latter.

/ 17 May 2021

Marcial posted in his social media account that the set allowance from the Amateur Boxing Association of the Philippines (ABAP) and the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC), was 43,000 pesos a month is not enough to finance a player’s preparation from coaching staff, accommodation, food, and plane tickets.

“..kung ganyan ang suporta at mentality niyo ‘wag kayong maghangad ng gold sa Olympics,” he expressed.

In which the distress of the Filipino boxer reached Thirdy Ravena who sympathized with the feeling of his co-athlete. Few days after Marcial’s publicity on the situation, the three-time UAAP MVP offered help.

Nakita ko yung post mo sa social media, gusto ko lang sana itanong kung pwede makitulong kahit maliit na halaga lang sa mga pangangailangan niyo,” Ravena reportedly told Marcial in a message.

“Gusto ko kayo manalo ng team niyo,” he added.

As such acts, Marcial shared his appreciation to Ravena hoping to pay it forward and for the athletes to also help each other out.

“The only person who can understand us most/better is our fellow athletes, and who understands our sacrifices for the country,” Marcial stated in his social media account. 

“I hope that idol @3rd_e Ravena will become an inspiration and will influence other Filipino athletes to help one another in different ways. I also wish that it can influence sports lovers and most especially, our sports leaders. Mabuhay ka idol! Mabuhay ang atletang Pilipino.” he added.