/ 27 March 2021

ONLY 10 percent of freshmen students of the University of the East qualified for scholarships for the second semester of Academic Year 2020-2021, a student group said on Friday.

The University Student Council reported that only first-time scholars with 1.00 to 1.60 General Point Average were granted scholarships.

It said that those who were disqualified were allowed to settle their tuition in installment basis.

“Students who were disqualified from receiving their academic scholarships have until June 30, 2021 to pay their tuition and other fees without incurring any penalty,” the student body said.

Those who can pay their tuition and other fees in full before April 15, 2021 will get a 5 percent discount.

The student group denounced the new policy that disqualified other students.

“This course of action goes beyond the lies and the denial of oath of the University that it keeps telling its students — ‘Tomorrow begins in the East’ and the promise of ‘affordable quality education’ — which have clearly been non-existent given the deliberate disregard of student rights; no remorse, no empathy, unashamed,” it said in a statement.

“We can never comprehend nor be longer impressed with your treatment and policies starting from the disqualification of student assistants, sports, and cultural scholars, unjust miscellaneous and other fees, scholars with past failing remarks, and now the first-time scholars. Amidst the pandemic, you left your students behind, and you failed us again,” it added.

University President Ester Garcia earlier announced that scholarship grants will be suspended until further notice.

The POST tried to get a statement from the UE administration but received no response.