/ 11 November 2020

THE CENTRAL Student Council of the University of the East-Caloocan, along with other campus organizations, has urged the House of Representatives to pass the Anti-Discrimination bill.

In a joint statement, the UE Caloocan CSC and the organizations said the passage of the measure will fulfill the Constitutional mandate of equal rights for all.

“The bill serves its purpose to protect everyone’s right and to prevent any gender-based discrimination and violence that should not be questioned or inhibited,” the students said.

The Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Expression Equality Bill, also known as the Anti-Discrimination bill, seeks to penalize any form of gender-based discrimination and violence, particularly against members of the LGBTQIA+ community.

They condemned the statements and accusations of the detractors of the bill who cited religious dogma to block its passage.

“We must rise above religious hatred and stop using religion to promote hate and discrimination. The LGBTQIA+ community have experienced a lot of gender-based violence and deprivation of basic human rights through time,” they said.

The students urged lawmakers to listen to the plight of those affected by gender-based violence.

“Demanding for equality does not mean depriving others of the rights they are already enjoying,” they said.

“We raise the call for our local and national leaders to help end homophobia, transphobia and biphobia and to escalate the call for the fight for equality and human rights by creating and enabling anti-discrimination ordinances and legislations,” they added.