The Premier Volleyball League (PVL) is in talks with potential TV networks, GMA and TV5, to finalize its broadcast deal for its upcoming first women’s professional volleyball league.

/ 9 January 2021

PVL president Ricky Palou had disclosed that they are setting a meeting with GMA Network and TV5 to talk over the final proceedings of which network will broadcast its games since the league is forced to look for another network after ABS-CBN’s shutdown last year.

“We are trying to set a meeting with the management of both GMA and TV5. Hopefully, we can sit down with both of them next week,” Palou said.

Since the league is targeting April to conduct its tournament, they are settling their broadcast rights of the now pro-league.

 “We are expecting to open the season in April and we’re hoping to find a television partner before that,” Palau shared.

Palou, together with his team, is seeking its broadcast network who can lay out them with live coverage and fixed game schedules.

As the semi-pro transitioned to pro, the league is sorting out ways to reach their target market by enhancing audience reach and live coverage. 

“That’s the details we are waiting for from the networks,” Palou said.

“We want PVL to be a regular coverage of whoever will be our next partner,” he added. 

Conversely, Palou does not see any problem in positioning its games with their rival league, the Philippine SuperLiga (PSL), which is also airing on TV5. 

“Well, I don’t know about that and it’s a matter to be discussed within the officials of the network,” he said.

“What I’m after is the broadcasting of PVL and that alone,” Palau ended.