/ 23 April 2021

THE SILLIMAN University has ordered doses of the CovoVax vaccine for its faculty and staff, including part-time and adjunct teachers, retirees and one dependent for each employee.

“In this battle against the pandemic, the more individuals we draw into our circle of health security, the better chance we have in winning this fight. By extending preventive measures from the workplace to the home environment, we establish more allies to help us launch an effective campaign,” Dr. Betty Cernol McCann, SU president, said.

McCann said that the program aims to create a safer work environment on the campus.

“The combination of getting vaccinated and strictly observing health safety protocols against the virus continues to be the best measure to ensure protection and the sensible way forward to combat Covid19,” she said.

She added that the school administration has planned the vaccination program since January this year.

“The University has been monitoring vaccination programs on the international scene and has been studying various vaccine performances as published by regulatory bodies. In late January 2021, the university administration mulled over a vaccine plan for the institution as we prepare to open as a ‘healthy’ university in the event we transition in-person learning in August 2021. The Board of Trustees is fully supportive of this plan,” she said.

Atty. Joshua Francisco Ablong, SU Human Resource Development manager, said the vaccine roll-out dates may happen in July, August and September 2021.

“In choosing the brand, the administration looked into efficacy rates, availability, cost, and their possible side effects. The program is parallel to the vaccination efforts of the government and is purely voluntary,” Ablong said.

The university said faculty and staff must first get a medical clearance from their attending physician to know if they are qualified to get the vaccine.

“When they arrive at the accredited vaccination facility where the vaccination will take place, they will first be assessed through a triage as part of the Department of Health’s protocol,” SU said.

Since only one dependent will be covered by SU’s vaccination program, Ablong said faculty and staff who wish to acquire additional vaccines for the rest of their household may order through the university but the cost must be paid by the employee.