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Who says you can't get some romance on amid all that school work?

/ 14 January 2021

After the warmth and comfort of year-end and year-opening holidays with our families, this time of the new year typically brings in the resolution to do that thing you’ve always wanted to do, break that habit that’s always been bad for you, or muster up the courage you need to approach that person you’ve been crushing on since last year. With another colorful holiday just around the corner that’s all about the L-word, the world is gradually preparing itself to transform into a canvas full of pinks and reds and all the mushy heart decorations.

And those of us who are single, have no choice but to confront our solidarity and decide what we’re going to do about it. In a time where most of us are still stuck indoors with work from home deliverables and online classes filling up our schedules, what’s a young’un to do?

For those reasons, 21-year-old student Aufa Dini from Malaysia decided to shoot his shot and send Susila Nabila Supardi, nicknamed Bella, a link to an inconspicuous Google Form. Opening with a Spongebob meme about looking respectfully, Dini finally asked the question: Can I take you out on a date? As a follow-up, he also asked (and provided multiple options) for the where and the when.

In an interview with VICE Asia, the young student confessed that his classmates were bombarding him with Google Form-related assignments at the time that he decided to ask Supardi out. Hence, the fun proposal that she just couldn’t ignore.

“I was shocked. I never expected a Google Form to be asked out on a date, but I feel very touched that he put in the effort,” she told VICE.

Supardi shared the cute exchange on her Twitter account, and it immediately went viral with people from all around the world asking for the full story. The thread then goes on to talk about their date on the first weekend of the year at the aquarium.

The adorable story is a timely reminder that despite the current circumstances of not being able to go out as much as we’d like, and talk to the people that we really really like, the digital world is still wide enough to be creative in our romantic endeavors. What matters is the effort and thought that went into it that might just catch the attention of whoever you’re crushing on. As we’re now exactly a month away from Valentine’s Day, let this be the encouragement you need to slide into your crush’s DMs with a sweet little invite to a virtual date. If all else fails, at least you get a cute story out of it.