/ 9 June 2023

BEGINNING Academic Year 2023-2024, Silliman University will hold online classes for Master of Arts in Education, Major in Educational Technology.

The program intends to prepare education students to be equipped with the skills and competencies in technology-oriented teaching and learning.

SU Online University Learning director Dr. Dave Marcial said it is the school’s first remote education program.

“This program will attract aspiring educators from across the country who seek to enhance their teaching skills and stay abreast of the latest trends in educational technology,” he said.

“[It] combines the advantages of a reputable institution, expert faculty, established online distance learning facilities, and career support on top of the flexibility, convenience, and accessibility, especially to those who cannot attend classes in person,” he added.

All courses under the program will be delivered using the school’s official learning management system mySOUL, an all-in-one web-based software application for classroom organization, management, tracking, and monitoring.

It was launched in 2019 powered by OpenLMS using Moodle.

Meanwhile, synchronous sessions will be delivered via Zoom platform.

“The MAED-EdTech program is not only timely but also necessary. By offering this program, the University will continue its commitment to provide quality education relevant to the 21st century, preparing students to thrive in an increasingly digital world, and contributing to the advancement of education in the Philippines,” Marcial said.

“It [also] aligns with the mission, vision, and goals of SU to fulfill the demands of the digital age, meet post-pandemic learning needs, and embrace Education 5.0,” he added.

Admission qualifications and requirements for the program, including the course curriculum, can be accessed through