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Having trouble determining what program to major in after high school? Thank the Internet for personality tests designed to help you narrow down your options based on your personal inclinations and interests.

/ 10 February 2021

Choosing a university course is no small feat. That’s hundreds of thousands of Pesos and at least three to four years of your life studying everything you can in one field, and preparing you for job opportunities in the future. It’s no wonder that Juniors and Seniors in high school freak out in their heads about which program to apply and enroll in, especially because so many things hinge on that one massive choice.

(Granted, just to ease your worries a bit, you can always transfer to another course in college if you ever decide to shift. And, if it doesn’t take you until post-graduation to realize you got a degree for something you didn’t really want, it’s never too late to learn more and shift gears. Don’t beat yourself up over a choice you made years before you knew what you really wanted.)

However, if you want to lessen the possibilities of that, there are exercises you can do to help you understand yourself better—what you like, what you don’t like, what you’re passionate about, and what field you’d want to work in for most of your life.

As the Internet’s been known to churn out personality tests and fun quizzes for everything, there are some pretty legitimate tests out there that can help you with this one choice. Some are even from universities abroad that have created their own college course quizzes to help applicants and other hopefuls determine the path they’ll take in the next few years.


Here are a few to check out:


Mount Marty University is a prestigious institution in South Dakota, USA. Its “Majors Quiz” helps users explore what they want to do in life by focusing on the things that make them happy, irritated, and the like, to pinpoint one field they might enjoy. Questions range from what you want to do when you want to learn something new (read about it, study in a group, or meet with an expert) to first date scenarios (you plan everything out, go somewhere specific, or read up on reviews online before deciding).

Take the quiz here



Open Colleges is an online education organization in Australia. The first distance education provider in the country, in fact. Its “Career Quiz” personality test was designed to serve as the first step in finding a suitable career for future college students. The test takes on a different approach as it presents statements and asks quiz takers to answer them based on their level of agreement: Strongly Agree, Agree, Disagree, and Strongly Disagree.

Take the quiz here


Goshen College is a liberal arts institution in Indiana, USA. This particular personality test takes on an interesting approach by providing over 20 career fields mapped in a responsive chart. Each answer to the 26-question quiz influences the chart below, and shows which fields are affected by which questions. If you answer yes to a specific question about creativity and public speaking, the area around marketing and business will grow bigger, and so on. This is a cool way to look into it as it not only gives you the areas in which you’re more inclined to, but it also offers you a picture of how you would fare in other fields of interest.

Take the quiz here



Dubbed as the “World’s Largest Education Resource,” ThoughtCo provides guides and tips for students and educators alike. Its College Major Quiz takes on a more traditional approach to a personality test with questions like “When working on a group project, I’m this guy..”, “I am intrigued by..”, and “My idea of a job well done is..” to name a few. Its straightforward approach makes it a lot more comprehensive, and gets you to start understanding what you want to do with every question you answer, even before the results come out.

Take the quiz here


Best of wishes to all the college hopefuls out there! If, after answering these quizzes, you still feel confused and discouraged to pick a particular course to major in, here’s a secret from the post-college world: no one’s ever truly sure of what they want to do for the rest of their lives. Just trust your gut, and do your best.