/ 6 November 2020

THE NEW chancellor of the University of the Philippines-Los Baños has vowed to steer the institution to weather disruptive events and protect the welfare of its constituents.

Dr. Jose Camacho, Jr. said that he is committed to pursue the university’s mandates in instruction, research, extension, and national development “with the goals of minimizing the impacts of future events on its activities and pursuing the overall well-being of its constituents.”

He promised to develop and implement methods and approaches that will enable the university to overcome challenges.

To achieve this, Camacho pledged  to anchor his strategies on UPLB’s human capital.

“Our inspiration and at the heart of our plans are our students, faculty and staff, our alumni and stakeholders and the betterment of our Filipino people. We will be unified by our values and pride in a place where we all can do great things for our university, our community and our country,” he said.

“Under this banner, UPLB’s new administration is focused on ensuring the safety and well-being of its constituents and enabling them so that they can participate in achieving the university’s goals of implementing future-proof systems in learning and instruction, research, public service, and global engagement,” he added.

Camacho began his term on November 1, 2020.