/ 14 March 2023

KEY personnel from the Mariano Marcos State University attended the Renewable Energy Executive Competency Training Program at the National Bioenergy Research and Innovation Center earlier this month.

Those who joined the training are from the University Affiliated Renewable Energy Center and faculty members from the Department of Professional Science Masters in Renewable Energy Engineering.

The program aimed to enable MMSU trainers to equip local government executives with the skills needed to implement renewable energy initiatives within their communities.

“The activity oriented the participants on energy environment; renewable energy laws, policies, mechanism and guidelines; energy cases of interest at the ground; planning and programming, resource assessment, and evaluation tools,” MMSU said.

“It also taught them on developing teaching materials; engaging stakeholders; strengthening public-private partnerships; integrating RE laws, plans, and programs in local development planning process; managing resource requirements for financial budgeting and operations; training management; and, tasking and logistic arrangement,” it added.

The program was led by a team of experts, including Atty. Josefina Patricia M. Asirit, former commissioner and consultant of the Energy Regulatory Commission;Engr. Gaspar G. Escobar, Jr., chief of the Renewable Energy Management Bureau – Technical Services Management Division of the Department of Energy; and Dr. Bjorn Santos, MMSU director for research and REECTP training director.

Engr. Thomas Ubiña, the AREC program leader, said the program is just the first step in MMSU’s efforts to strengthen its renewable energy campaigns in communities in partnership with LGUs and the provincial government of Ilocos Norte.

University President Shirley C. Agrupis said that the program reflects MMSU’s commitment “to developing and disseminating renewable energy technologies in the region.”

MMSU is the only university in the Philippines that offers Professional Science Master’s in Renewable Energy Engineering, a two-year graduate degree program designed to prepare professionals for careers in renewable energy engineering in public and private industries.