Filipino-filled Southeast Asian Dota2 team 'T1' advanced to the Upper Bracket Round 3 of the ESL One Summer 2021 online tournament in Europe.

/ 18 June 2021

This came after T1 swept European team ‘Viking.gg’ with a clean 2-0 victory at the Upper Bracket Round 2, which was led by its midlaner Karl Matthew ‘Karl’ Baldovino, and captain Carlo ‘Ku’ Palad- who are both Filipinos.

The SEA Dota squad drafted the first game with a tanky lineup of Tidehunter, Wraith King, and stat-build Leshrac, outlasting Viking.gg in team fights.

While Viking.gg have an answer for the T1’s heroes with  Hoodwink, the latter managed to execute clean team fights with clutch stuns and saves from its Indonesian support duo Kenny ‘Xepher’ Deo and Matthew ‘Whitemon’ Filemon who played Nyx Assasin and Winter Wyvern, respectively.

Their Thai carry Nuengnara ’23 Savage’ Teeramahanon with the Wraith King, on the other hand, was able to farm quickly and secure an aghanim’s shard to counter two of Viking.gg’s diffusal blade carriers.

Viking.gg’s lineup for game one are Enchantress, Dragon Knight, Hoodwink, Spectre, and Pangolier 

The game lasted for 40 mins and 13 sec before the European team’s ancient exploded with a kill score of 30:16, in favor of T1.

The second game came hard for the SEA squad as the European team was able to fend off the former’s early game aggression with Invoker, Timbersaw, Enchantress, and Hoodwink.

Viking.gg managed to pick off T1’s cores in team fights at the 19-minute mark, securing a kill on its offlane Dragon Knight, midlane Razor, and support duo Mirana and Winter Wyvern.

They also managed to destroy two sets of barracks with their Luna lineup with an Aegis.

The European squad managed to pull a 9K gold advantage at the 28-minute mark before T1 managed to pick off its Timbersaw and Enchantress at a clash in the midlane.

T1 gained a gold advantage after securing an aegis at the 33-minute mark and wiped Viking.gg’s cores at their own jungle with 23 Savage’s Spectre.

The SEA squad secured a total of 44K net worth advantage after outfighting Viking.gg’s lineup at the Roshan pit in 45 minutes and heading directly to the bottom lane to push and wiping the latter’s lineup.

The game ended with a 38:19 kill score in favor of T1 at the 45-minute mark.

T1 will face North American Dota2 Team ‘Quincy Crew’ on Friday. The winner will secure a minimum of top 3 and a $45,000 prize.