/ 13 May 2022

DESIGN and IT school iACADEMY signed an exchange program agreement with Temasek Polytechnic in Singapore that will allow students of both schools to foster new friendships and provide a deeper understanding of the cultures of other countries.

The Global Studies Virtual Trip invites students from India, Singapore, Vietnam and the Philippines to a full-day virtual program to help students discover the culture, people, and opportunities in the region. The program includes an introduction to the country and language, a thematic lunch,  a business and society forum, and a cultural experience.

“Exchange programs have become an essential part of our students’ learning in this pandemic era. We are grateful that iACADEMY and Temasek Polytechnic have forged a strong partnership to allow students from both institutions to learn from each other and establish networks, even with restrictions.  Indeed, learning knows no boundaries,” said Teo Sze Cheng, International Relations Director of Temasek Polytechnic.

Seventy-five senior high school students of iACADEMY will join the program where they are to gain an appreciation and awareness of the political, economic, technological and social landscape.

They will have the opportunity to discover life and culture beyond their borders and learn from the stories and experiences of the students coming from other Asian countries.

“In iACADEMY we find creative ways to learn and I’m very happy that our partner, Temasek Polytechnic, has invited us to go on a global virtual trip with the countries here in Asia. I’m certain this will be one of the exchanges with Temasek Polytechnic where game-changing ideas are made and global connections are strengthened,” Vanessa Tanco, CEO and president of iACADEMY, said.

iACADEMY is an award-winning design and IT school in Makati offering specialized programs in computing, business, and design. It is recognized as the Most Innovative Education Provider and the Best School for Music Production, Design, and Technology in 2022 by Global Business Review Magazine.