/ 4 December 2022

THE ACCREDITING Agency of Chartered Colleges and Universities in the Philippines Inc. granted the Cavite State University College of Arts and Sciences Level 4 accreditation for its Bachelor of Arts in Journalism.

The move had the university now having three Level 4 programs, namely, Bachelor of Science in Agriculture of the College of Agriculture, Food, Environment and Natural Resources; BS in Biology; and BA in Journalism.

AACCUP is responsible for the accreditation of curricular programs in the Philippines, particularly for state universities and colleges.

Meanwhile, AACCUP accreditors reviewed four other undergraduate programs in addition to BA Journalism.

Level III Re-accreditation was granted to BS in Electronics Engineering and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine programs, while Level II Re-accreditation was granted to BS in Accountancy and BS in Industrial Engineering programs.

According to AACCUP, accreditation is viewed as a process by which an institution at the tertiary level evaluates its educational activities, in whole or in part, and seeks an independent judgment to confirm that it substantially achieves its objectives, and is generally equal in quality to comparable institutions.

One purpose of AACCUP is to develop a mechanism of and conduct the evaluation of programs and institutions to ensure quality and relevance of the academic programs of the Higher Education Institutions.