/ 26 April 2023

A GROUP from the Batangas State University and Mapua University placed second in the RS Innovators Championship held at RS Grassroots Education in London, England.

Engineers Mark Kennedy Bantugon of Mapua University and Michelle Kae Celine Jo-anne Bantugon and Mark Kent Bantugon from BatStateU were recognized for their collaborative innovation called “Pili Seal.”

They were mentored by Dr. Jeremiah Milare of the Mapua University, who served as their advisor.

The group combined their skills to develop an environmentally-friendly product that is seen to revolutionize the industry.

Pili Seal is a revolutionary sealant for aircraft integral fuel tanks made from the waste of Pili Tree Resin, also known as “spent resin” or “de-oiled resin.”

The two-component sealant is designed for aircraft parts exposed to fuels, lubricants, oils, water and weathering.

“This innovative solution caught the judges’ attention and received positive feedbacks. One of the judges said he liked the idea of utilizing waste material, making it a brilliant and win-win solution,” BatStateU said.

“Another judge expressed that it was his favorite pitch as it is a good business plan and a great product that hits the 3Ps—People, Planet, and Profit. From these, Pili Seal earned a remarkable achievement in the RS Innovators Championship while paving the way for sustainable and eco-friendly innovation in the aviation industry,” it added.

The RS Innovators Championship is a global competition for young innovators to design sustainable solutions to five RS Group challenges that will transform how the industry operates for a better world.