The Games and Amusement Board (GAB) has announced that the Filbasket tournament held in Subic Bay late last year was ‘unlawful.’

/ 15 January 2022

GAB took an action on this matter last year after the Filbasket’s scheme of staging a basketball tournament,

“Filbasket’s previous defiance was ill-advised as the rules on this matter are already well-established,” said chairman Baham Mitra.

The Board also averred that the tournament is deemed as a professional league wherein teams pay their players sums of money for their participation which should be under the supervision of GAB.

“GAB’s advice to organizers is to comply with the law and GAB will always be there to assist in any way it can within the bounds of its mandate,” Mitra explained.

Despite the Office of the President’s decision of declaring the said tournament from last year as ‘unlawful’, there have been no sanctions yet to be imposed on Filbasket organizers.

However, GAB assured that the same case will not happen again.

“We will continue monitoring them and other similar situations to prevent violation of the law governing professional sports in the Philippines.”