/ 20 July 2021

ADAMSON University has revised its Academic Scholarship Program that will be implemented in Academic Year 2021-2022.

The revised policy limits scholarship allocation to only one for every 50 paying students through a ranking-based selection process.

“The ASP demands scholarly performance and adheres to the highest level of excellence. Hence, only those who meet the requirements will be awarded this scholarship,” the university said.

A student with a General Weighted Average of 1.00 to 1.24 will be given full scholarship. The student must not have a grade lower than 90 percent in numerical equivalence.

The guidelines will “maintain the highly selective process while ensuring fairness and viability,” the school said

“The University strives to balance factors to safeguard the continuity of the ASP due to the unprecedented increase of scholars as a result of the easing of academic requirements and in the giving of grades,” it added.