Bulletin Board


16 July 2021

Finally, the accountable ones have been caught! Now that we’re getting closer to the final verdict. We will soon discover their secrets. Is it true that those who have been found guilty are innocent? Will they admit they’re guilty or will they deny it?

Let us all hear them out as they confess their truths on July 17, 2021, from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM, with the help of the Detectives of third-year Polytechnic University of the Philippines students pursuing Bachelors in Advertising and Public Relations, with the goal of equipping and preparing their fellow students and participants for the mission of disclosing the true identity of an accounts manager.

The one-day online webinar, titled “Guilty as Charged: An Accountable Accounts”, will be streamed on Facebook Live, as we all witness how the speakers will reveal their knowledge about the qualities of an account, decoding a brief and adapting to the challenges of the new normal.

The webinar will have an excellent line-up of speakers including Kate Alconga and Golda Roldan on Who’s Who?: Disclosing the Identity of an Account Person, Maya Roldan and Betsy Baking on The Account’s Case: What’s in the Brief? and Paolo Broma in the 3rd segment, The Invisible Enemies: How Accounts Navigate in the Uncertain Times. There will also be more than a hundred witnesses, including professors, students, and industry professionals, who are expected to attend the webinar.

Let us all keep an eye on the culprits. Save the date and follow them on https://bit.ly/2Td1Nrh so you don’t miss the live trial! Stay focused, the judgement is in your hands.