/ 10 May 2023

THE PANGASINAN State University has finalized its plans for Academic Year 2023-2024, including adjusting the start of classes.

School officials led by University President Dr. Elbert Galas discussed the return to the pre-pandemic start of classes from September to August starting AY 2023-2024; shortening the middle term classes for AY 2022-2023 and the policy on wearing of faculty and student uniforms.

They also tackled the graduation ceremony for Batch 2023 and the student quota for each program per campus for the first semester.

“These matters were aligned with the priority thrusts and vision of the new president’s administration,” the PSU said.

The meeting was attended by Dr. Manolito Manuel, vice president for Academic and Student Affairs; Dr. Dexter Buted, vice president for Administration and Linkages; Dr. Razeale Resultay, vice president for Research, Extension, Innovation and Gender and Development; Dr. Ian Evangelista, chief administrative officer; Dr. Lorena Echalar, director for HRMDO; Jeanilyn Villanueva, director for Budget and Dr. Weenalei Fajardo, director for Curriculum and Instruction.