For anyone who has ever searched for inspiration to be a streamer, an entertainer, or even a gamer, the kumu Kuwentuhan Season 3 podcast is here to share how these Kumunity personalities found their groove, and how you can find your place in kumu too.

/ 15 February 2021

A new year means a whole new set of kumu stories to share. The 3rd season of the kumu podcast, kumu Kuwentuhan, has officially launched with a focus on renowned streamers and the delightful kumunizens within the Kumunity. The first episode, titled “The Who’s Who of kumu”, stars kumu Livestreaming Awards nominees Ivoy Colo, Dani Ozaraga, and Apple Chiu.

Hosted by podcast producer, Selina de Dios, the kumu Kuwentuham podcast began in 2020, spearheaded by talents under kumu’s internship program, kumu University. The podcast has since been a company staple, giving listeners a glimpse behind the scenes of the fastest-growing Pinoy-lead app.

It’s not only about documenting the trajectory, but also sharing the passion and inspiration of the kumu universe. As 2020 proved to be an incredibly eventful year for kumu, including the establishment of kumu Livestreaming Awards, the growth of Shopkumu, the release of kumu klips and so much more, there’s no doubt that Season 3 will have lots to talk about.

Photo courtesy of kumu


Whereas Season 1 and Season 2 were focused on the backstory of the founders and directors, highlighting their ambitions and plans to expand an innovative app, Season 3 brings to the forefront the personal stories of kumu’s breakaway stars, favorite streamers, and discovered talents.

“It’s no secret that the Kumunity is the heart of kumu,” says podcast host Selina, reiterating an internal adage rampant in kumu’s culture. “Since the platform is growing rapidly, we don’t want to lose sight of what kumu is about. To “preserve” kumu’s identity, we really wanted to highlight the experiences of the streamers and power users, who have grown with the app.” 

“Listeners should tune in to every episode with an open mind,” she adds. “You’ll be surprised at how kumu has the power to bring people together. The stories of our streamers are special and diverse; but in some way, kumu has really catered to each and every one of them — so much so that they have found a home on the app!”

The kumu Kuwentuhan podcast Season 3 podcast is set for the coming weeks. So make sure to tune in on Anchor or Spotify for all the latest episodes.

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