/ 27 May 2021

SUCCESS stories, especially of very young people, are a source of inspiration for many, especially students who dream to make it big someday.

The achievements of Prof. Robin Michael Garcia will no doubt ignite the desire to be successful in his students. Only 27 years old, Garcia is already an accomplished political scientist.

Aside from teaching, Garcia built WR Numero — a technology-driven public opinion research and data analytics company.

WR Numero provides accurate, independent, and actionable data and insights into political and social sentiments, attitudes and public opinion.

Garcia acquired his Bachelor of Arts in Development Studies from De La Salle University. He pursued his Master of Public Administration in Public Policy in the University of the Philippines’ National College of Public Administration and Governance where he was a scholar.

He obtained his Ph.D in International Politics in Fudan University, in Shanghai.

Garcia became a lecturer in De La Salle University’s Political Science and International Studies Department, and also a senior lecturer for Asian Studies at the University of the Philippines. Presently, he’s a professor at the University of Asia and the Pacific’s School of Law and Governance.