Undoubtedly, one of the biggest games to come out of 2020 because of the quarantine protocols of the pandemic is 'Among Us'. But if you want to explore your social deduction skills even further, you can check out these free games with your friends.

/ 19 May 2021

As the world locked up and kept indoors in fear of the virus, our collective social life has been reduced to the digital space and everything it offers. Movie nights became Netflix parties with synchronized players among friends, the bar scene evolved into makeshift DIY cocktails or a simple ice-cold beer, and hanging out with the barkada takes on different forms through various online games we can play to bond without physical contact.

Throughout 2020, one of the biggest games that has taken over the world, both for gamers and non-gamers alike, is Among Us. This is a social deduction game where a number of players have to find the imposter within their group while doing tasks, before the imposter sabotages their mission. It’s a fun way to spend time with friends, with harmless lies, manipulation, and suspicion brewing in each round.

But if you and your friends have been playing it since last year, it’s understandable if you’re starting to feel unengaged. If you want to take your deduction adventures with your friends even further, here are some titles to check out that would get your groups yelling at each other, plotting strategies in-between rounds, and obsessing over things you missed even hours after the play.


If Among Us’ gameplay and graphics are more reminiscent of old classic computer games with the fun really coming out of the players’ banter and discussions, Deceit takes it to a whole new level. The game takes players into a first-person shooter adventure where you wake up in a creepy old asylum with five other players. From the five, two are infected with a deadly virus, tasked to sabotage and kill the others. It’s a horror game mixed in with some social deduction themes, so the experience is all the more heightened.

This is for the people out there who wants to experience Among Us’ thrill in 3D, FPS, goodness.

Get it for free on Steam.



Think the classic Mafia or Werewolf game in digital. Town of Salem is set in a medieval town where each player can choose their role. Every night, the mafia and serial killer will choose who to kill, and the other townspeople must utilize their character’s role to get to the bottom of these crimes. It really is like the classic games we play face-to-face, but this time, everyone’s behind the screens and you can’t really judge beyond their voices.

Play it for free on Web, Android, or iOS.



Enemy On Board is basically Among Us, with 3D cartoon-like graphics and everyone can kill anyone they find suspicious. The main plot of the game is that two aliens have jumped in on the ship and plotting to kill everyone onboard. While they do just that without acting suspicious, the other players must find and kill them first. The fact that everyone will eventually have the skill to eliminate whoever adds a unique and more chaotic twist to a gameplay that’s already quite crazy.

Get it for free on Steam.



Of course, the classic Werewolf game is going to be on this list. This platform allows up to 22 players take on the unique roles in the game, trying to find the bad wolves out for everybody’s blood. The more players there are, the more chaotic it will be with all the roles on deck, but it’s definitely a fun time to play with friends and get on each other’s nerves.

Play it for free on Web.


Happy playing! Remember to put your friendship first while playing these games that will surely test it with all the deception and lies.