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If you need help and answers on the why's and how's of your voting power and the specifics of exercising it, We The Youth Vote got some convincing and simple ways for you to understand your rights as youth of a nation.

/ 15 September 2020

#40MStrongThat’s the sheer amount of youth citizens that can collectively make a change for the nation simply by exercising their right to vote. Through We The Youth Vote community, many of them can enlighten themselves of the process and the power of voting.

We The Youth Vote is a non-partisan community of concerned young Filipinos that envisions an empowered Filipino Youth that will collectively shape our country’s future. Its channels include Instagram , Twitter and Facebook with original posts, and retweets and reposts of any voting-related facts.


It’s important nowadays to reach the youth and encourage them to have a voice for national concerns because they make up part of the nation and hold fresh ideas that can help collaborate with different sectors of the society. There’s a number of youth groups today such as the National Youth Commission, Angat Kabataan, AKP Youth, and even partylists such as Kabataan partylist with the youngest representative of the 17th and 18th Congress, Sarah Elago. These are all organized to empower the youth and harness their skills and potential as productive and mobile citizens of a nation.

That’s why We The Youth is necessary because not everyone has been invested in exercising the right to vote. Several factors affect one’s decision not to participate mostly because of indecisions on who to vote, confusion in the process, and lack of interest. In this community, they hold several programs and guests that will push the value of voting now more than ever.

Pilipinas, G ka na ba sa Voter's Registration?Kitakits sa September 15, 2020 (Tuesday) ng 8pm to know everything that…

Posted by We The Youth Vote on Friday, 11 September 2020


Some of their guests include social media personalities who are using their influence to promote causes and educate their followers about social issues and concerns. Some of the guests are Macoy Dubs, Dora Dorado, Yani Villarosa; and leaders such as Niniay Mohammad, president and co-founder of Movement of Progressive Youth Leaders, and Mirus Ponon, founder and president of Youth Advocates for the Philippines.

Pilipinas, G na sa Voter's Registration! ????????G na rin ang panelist, Dora Dorado!Content Creator and Social Media…

Posted by We The Youth Vote on Saturday, 12 September 2020


So, you see, it’s not just another channel of pure lecture, lecture, information. It’s also a collaborative experience that uplifts and makes the idea of voting interesting as much as it is necessary. The voice of the youth matters as always simply because they are citizens of a nation that shares the rights, power, and voice to make change and elect a government that can lift the lives of its constituents.

If you’re still unconvinced and confused about your right to vote, please check out their channels and let them help you with your concerns.