/ 13 March 2022

THE SAVE Our Schools Network asserts the death of volunteer teacher Chad Booc and four others was a case of massacre after a forensic examination showed Booc sustained gunshots at the trunk.

Forensic Pathologist Dr. Raquel Fortun found in a preliminary autopsy finding that Booc suffered from internal hemorrhages with lacerations of the lungs, diaphragm, liver, spleen, stomach, intestines, right kidney and right adrenal gland.

It said Booc’s body was somehow repaired on some gunshot entry wounds.

Fortun concluded Booc’s death is a homicide and further investigation is needed to conclude what really transpired.

“Reconstruction of the shooting incident requires more information regarding the other victims, scene, clothing worn and other physical evidence. Histopathology is also still pending,” Fortun said on the report.

The 10th Infantry Division of the Armed Forces of the Philippines claimed Booc and four others were killed in an armed encounter in New Bataan, Davao de Oro on February.

It later identified high-profile activist and volunteer teacher Booc as the one killed in the encounter days after a family member claimed his body.

The SOS said more questions need to be answered as new evidences came to light and called for further probing.

“SOS Network continues to assert that the five civilians were massacred unarmed and defenseless by elements of the (army)…,” SOS said.

“The circumstances surrounding their deaths continue to be even more deplorable now with the preliminary results of [Booc’s] autopsy, where it was discovered that he sustained numerous gunshot wounds across the trunk,” it added.