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Here's one more way the COMELEC is urging young eligible voters to register–and it's digital, quick, and all the more convenient.

/ 5 February 2021

One thing we could all agree on that the so-called “digital age” has brought upon us, is the desire for all things convenient and instant. The youth is especially easier to persuade and impact with technologies that allow them to finish their intended tasks in a faster, easier, and more efficient way—and the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) has taken notice.

In light of the COMELEC’s on-going campaign to encourage Filipinos above the age of 18 to officially register as voters for the upcoming national elections in 2022, and with news of us currently being behind the target of 4M new registrants, the department has added in a new option that could hopefully entice the youth.

Hence, iRehistro. The official platform for Online Accomplishment of Forms for Voter Registration.

The portal collects the necessary data from applicants, and allows Filipino citizens to Register as New Voters, Transfer of Registration Record, Reactivation of Registration Record, Change of Name due to Marriage or Court Order / Correction of Entries in the Voters’ Registration Record, and Inclusion of Records in the Book of Voters / Reinstatement of Name in the List of Voters.

Applicants will be asked to choose which type of application they want to process as soon as they enter the portal. Hovering over each option will also trigger a brief explanation of what each type means.

After this section, applicants will be asked to fill in the necessary details for their registration. At the end of the form, they have the option to schedule an appointment for biometrics capture and form submission in their respective registration offices. If the applicant does not wish to schedule an appointment, they can visit the office any time during working hours and before the end of the registration period (which is in September 2021).

However, do note that it would be a lot more convenient and time-efficient to set an appointment, as these will be prioritized over walk-ins.

“You still have to personally appear before your local COMELEC office (or the concerned Philippine embassy or consulate) together with the printed online application forms for QR scanning and biometrics capture to complete the filing process,” the iRehistro website states.

This means that applicants must still physically present themselves in their local COMELEC office with three copies of the online application form. If approved, they will record biometrics such as fingerprints and signatures.

The online registration may not be the full digital experience we all wish it could be, given our current health crisis. But it does shorten the COMELEC visit by a lot of minutes, and maybe even hours. It also removes the physical act of writing down on paper—which, unfortunately and perhaps shamefully—we’ve unconsciously started to regard as a “hassle” or added mechanical step in the process. With this new digital portal, it lessens any excuse we have to NOT register for the next big elections.

Saturday registrations have also been approved and will be implemented in February, as reported by COMELEC Commissioner Rowena Guanzon.

The COMELEC will be open from Mondays to Saturdays, 8AM-3PM. Bring a face mask, face shield, a valid ID, your own pen, and three copies of your registration form.

Access the iRehistro form here: