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The internet is a lot of things, but one thing we've enjoyed the most out of it is its vast library of content up for our perusal. The digital space, frightening as it may be, also is home to some valuable pieces of learning materials in all things design, architecture, art, and more—and we've got a list of the most fun ones to check out right here.

/ 25 March 2021

Perhaps the best thing about being a creative in the digital era is the accessibility of resources from all over the world that offer all kinds of inspiration, learning, insights, and more, for little to no amount. On top of that, so many of these learning experiences are also packaged in the most creative ways, making for an entertaining experience full of visual aesthetics and fun commentary.

After all, who wouldn’t want to learn about design and art, without feeling like you’re studying?

The best of these invaluable resources come in the form of dedicated YouTube channels, podcasts for creative individuals, Netflix series, and so much more—creating the perfect haven for creatives to feel inspired, stimulated, and ready to create their own.

Check out some of our favorites below:


The Never Too Small YouTube channel is dedicated to showcasing the best of architecture and interior design, set in small quarters. The episodes, that are over 63 videos now, offer a wide variety of spaces all over the world that present unique ways to create beautiful homes with the space available. This is also a great addition to the growing movement towards tiny and sustainable living.



Abstract by Netflix is a series that dives deep into some of the most celebrated creatives all over the world, in various fields. Each episode runs a bit over 40 minutes, with artists going over their creative processes, their latest projects, and more tidbits into their genius minds. Episode topics range from illustration, architecture, graphic design, stage design, photography, and to so much more. There are currently 2 seasons out on Netflix, with Season 1 up on YouTube as well.


99% INVISIBLE (Podcast Platforms)

With over a hundred episodes, 99% Invisible is a podcast that puts a spotlight on the fact that design is everywhere in our lives, “perhaps most importantly in the places where we’ve just stopped noticing.” All the show’s episodes dissect several stories of design, from the art of album covers to the discrepancy of designs for women, based on designs for men, and so on. The podcast’s also a great resource for fun facts in the history of design around the world.


THE LONELY PALETTE (Podcast Platforms)

This show dives deeper into art history as the host interviews museum visitors for specific paintings, and uses it as a jumping board to fully zoom in on its origins, the social context behind it, the artist, and more. Each episode is dedicated to a specific painting, and runs from 30 minutes to a whole hour to fully discuss the art piece.


CREATIVE PEP TALK (Podcast Platforms)

Here’s one more podcast recommendation that’s all about the life of a creative. The Creative Pep Talk, compared to the others on this list, is a more practical approach to sharing insight and inspiration. Each episode tackles a different area in a creative’s life, from perfecting your craft, to how to be discovered as an artist in this modern world. This show’s definitely one to listen to if you need concrete guidance on how to navigate the world as an artist.



The Art Assignment YouTube channel is full of short videos discussing all sorts of art topics in a fun and entertaining way, while remaining incredibly informative. The show talks about What Art Tells Us About Gender, Copying Art, as well as “Art Trips” that visit iconic artistic landmarks across the globe (when traveling was still a thing).