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Unilab Inc. apologized to consumers on Tuesday for a temporary scarcity of its brands owing to "extraordinary demand." With the scarcity of medicine, try these infection-fighting foods to help fight the common cold and flu.

/ 10 January 2022

It started out as a meme, but it got everybody’s attention.

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A lot of people on social media posted they caught the flu or had common cold after the holidays. With whatever reason, it caused a sudden demand for cold medicine like paracetamol and ibuprofen.

While the country is experiencing scarcity with some medicine to fight the common cold, consumers can try these infection-fighting foods:

  • Bananas: This common fruit contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that may aid in protecting the body against certain oxidative stress. This is widely available in ordinary Filipino households and aids in the relief of cold symptoms.
  • Vitamin C-containing foods: tomatoes, oranges, strawberries. A person with cold symptoms can also drink vitamin C supplements as an alternative to these foods. Vitamin C is important for bone, muscle, and blood vessel health. Vitamin C also aids in the synthesis of collagen and aids in the absorption of iron by the body.
  • Blueberries: This berries are chock-full of minerals such as vitamin K and vitamin C. It also has antioxidants, like bananas, that help alleviate stress. This fruit is not common in the market but can be acquired through fruit stores online.


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  • Carrots: This vegetable can be added to soups or eaten as is. Either way, the minerals and vitamins from carrots are anti-viral and improve digestion.
  • Chili peppers: according to WebMD, chili peppers may open sinuses and aid in the breakdown of mucus in the lungs.
  • Cranberries: This is a widely known fact, and perhaps your tita might have already recommended cranberry juice because cranberry properties prevent bacteria from sticking to cells lining the bladder and urinary tract.
  • Black and green tea: Teas contain catechin, a phytochemical purported to have natural antibiotic and anti-diarrhea effects, which help a person experiencing flu symptoms get better.

Keep in mind that serious illnesses, including Covid-19, bronchitis, meningitis, strep throat, and asthma, can mimic the common cold. Call your doctor if your symptoms are severe or don’t seem to be improving. #StayHomeStaySafe, a friendly reminder from The FEED.

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