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Video game "The Sims" partnered with Mac Cosmetics to produce 12 makeup looks which will help players twin with their Sims IRL.

/ 11 January 2021

If you ever found yourself playing The Sims for a very long time amid the pandemic, we won’t judge you–it’s a place where you could go to music festivals, hangout with friends, and meet new people without face masks..pretty much everything you could do before the lockdown.

But what if we tell you  there are items you could pull straight from the game to the real world?

The Sims 4 together with Mac Cosmetics brewed the perfect item for simmers. MAC’s director of makeup artistry, Romero Jennings, has recently designed 12 makeup looks for The Sims 4: eyeliner, eyeshadow, lips, and cheeks. 

Jennings’ designs focus on natural wearable makeup, desirable trends, bold and vibrant looks, playful exotic designs, looks for the risk-takers, and the “Iconic Timeless Beauty” Mac has always been known for. 

“As an artist, my inspiration can come from pop culture, street style, fashion week, social media, international travels, nature… just about everything! The looks for The Sims 4 were no different. With the help of our amazing friends on The Sims team, we were able to develop these new looks that you have never seen in-game before,” Jennings said. 

“It was so exciting to create twelve designs from scratch with focuses that span across natural wearable makeup, desirable trends, bold and vibrant looks, playful exotic designs, looks for the risk-takers, and of course the iconic, timeless beauty that M·A·C is known for. Looks are divided between eyeliner, eye shadow, lips, and cheeks. With each look, players can choose from a variety of colors and, ultimately, mix and match the designs to create their favorite look. There are millions of look possibilities and I can’t wait to see yours!” the artist added.

Meanwhile, The Sims 4 producer Dana Peterson explained that MAC embodies the principles of The Sims 4: the opportunity for people to express themselves and be creative. 

“We found that our brand identities meshed really well together, and that was reflected in our partnership. It was an absolute joy to collaborate with Romero and the M·A·C team, and for us to figure out how we can best represent M·A·C’s aesthetic within The Sims–I’m so excited to share these fantastic looks with our players and see the Sims they create!” Peterson said. 

You can get yourself a Sims-themed makeup from Mac Cosmetic’s official website: