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The holiday season came by so fast but it left everyone feeling a little heavier than they were in the previous months. If you’re worried you lost track of your healthy diet, this article is for you.

/ 4 January 2021

Food is hard to resist especially if they come together in a one course meal during the holiday season. For a lot ofFilipinos, gaining a little weight during Christmas and New Year’s Eve is a big problem mentally and physically. 

But before anything else, it is only right for you to know that “Holiday Weight Gain” is a big hoax. 

According to the New England Journal of Medicine, an average adult only gains about .37 kilograms or a pound during the holiday season.

In a separate statement, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Executive Health nutrition consultant Cynthia Sass, RD, explained that it will take days and weeks of binge eating before someone’s weight really adds up and becomes physically evident. 

 “Fat gain really does require overeating over many days and weeks and months,” she explained.

If losing weight keeps your mind sane and your body productive, we have listed a few ways to help you shed those extra fat fast. 


1.) Develop a healthy relationship with food

The first thing to remember about losing weight is that you should treat food as an ally rather than an enemy. Punishing yourself by doing a crash diet or exercising excessively for eating will only give you a hard time enjoying the process of losing fats.

Research suggests rapid weight loss is unsustainable and can potentially damage your metabolism, leading to future weight gain. Crash diet may also deprive your body of essential nutrients it needs to boost your immune system.



2.) Cut out sugar

Almost every article about losing weight requires you to cut down your sugar intake. The reason is because sugar is void of nutrients that your body needs to thrive. It can also make you hungrier an hour later than before you ate.

The World Health Organization recommends about 25 grams or less of added sugar a day.



3.) Engage in physical activities

Let’s face it, exercising is not an activity anyone could easily commit to and not everybody is willing to spend time off of his or her couch. But here’s the thing, regular exercise can really give you a lot of benefits such as an improved mood and alertness.

If you’re not into full body workouts and going to the gym, there are other ways to engage in physical activities such as swimming, biking, and walking.



4.) Portion Control

Losing weight does not necessarily mean you should starve yourself and not eat the food you love. Sometimes, eating is all about portion control.

For an instance, if you enjoy eating two cups of rice everyday, you may want to cut it to just a cup of rice. Remember that you should only reduce your food intake gradually to prevent yourself from doing a crash diet.



If you’re really taking the whole weight loss activity seriously, it is always better to consult a nutritionist or  a doctor who can provide more reliable alternatives for you.