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Here's for all the workaholics—either by choice or by obligation—who can't seem to find the time to workout.

/ 15 March 2021

Who knew spending the whole day indoors with virtually nowhere else to go can still get in the way of our fitness journey?

Even with work-from-home and remote learning being fully integrated into our lives, mountains of work and study requirements still present a considerable challenge for us to get through in order to stay active and fit. Especially when we spend the entirety of the day fulfilling other work-related obligations behind a laptop and our trusty work stations.

“The Desk” has been a permanent station for us where all meetings convene and all our tools are placed, so even the mere act of walking to a classroom, or walking to a meeting room, has been erased out of our routines.

But these things that involve mobility and physical movement are essential, even if it’s just to wake our limbs and nerves up every now and again. In fact, studies have shown concrete proof of why sitting the whole day is bad for your health, citing heart issues, dementia, anxiety, and more, as possible harmful effects.

In light of this, even outside fitness regimes and pegs for #bodygoals, it’s still important to remember that the very essence of “working out” is to keep you healthy and moving—the way your body is intended to behave. Being stuck indoors and handcuffed to our desks are no excuses for us to forget this.

So, from one workaholic to another, here’s a list of trusty YouTube videos dedicated to “desk workouts” you can do while working, or during quick breaks:

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