Local restaurant found in Laguna, The BrickOven Cafe, adds a twist to your usual pizza dining experience by using handwoven tampipis made by its local weavers--a nod to sustainability and support to community livelihood.

/ 19 August 2020

In this fast-paced world we live in, going for sustainability in any way is a huge help to our environment. Whether in fashion or in food, the practical use of sustainable materials has become quite apparent both as marketing and environmental efforts.

For homegrown business, The BrickOven Café of Pili, Laguna, their creative use of tampipis as food packaging and platter more than invites us for a delicious treat. These tampipis are made by its locals by weaving dried pandan leaves in different shapes and sizes. Replacing the usual paper pizza boxes and the usual plastic or styrofoam meal kits with the use of organic found materials, the café was lauded for its environmental awareness and its support for the weavers’ community in the area.

They also feature a delectable menu that includes their signature pizzas such as the House Special, a combo of meat and veggies; a South Special made with longganisang Lucban and kesong puti; and the usual flavors like margherita and pepperoni. The tampipis also come in circles and squares to fit in your desired pizza shape and are available in 10″ size for P60, 16″ for P80, and 30″ for P215.

Posted by The BrickOven Café on Wednesday, August 5, 2020


The pizza cafe also offers an exquisite menu offerings of Crispy Lechon de Pugon Belly and Lechon de Pugon Ulo that both look appetizingly good and served on a locally-crafted bilao.


Posted by The BrickOven Café on Thursday, August 13, 2020


The tampipi boxes are available for reuse with special discount deals upon repurchase. Due to its popular reception, you may now purchase and have it delivered in Manila by booking a slot in advance due to its limited orders. Visit their Facebook page if interested.

Posted by The BrickOven Café on Sunday, August 9, 2020


These kinds of eco-friendly and community efforts are exactly ways we can mutually help the local food industry at the very least. It calls for more than just attention and satisfaction, but also spreads awareness on the many creative possibilities we can explore without having to stray far from our local areas. Like how The BrickOven Café provides business for the local weavers and preserving nature with biodegradable products, you too can play a part in extending the cause of promoting sustainability by supporting these types of food services.