The COVID-19 lockdown can be quite distressing… but a little serving of these homemade Pinoy favorites we all love to indulge in from time to time, makes it a little more tolerable, to say the least.

/ 30 November 2020

As amplified by the immobility brought by the government-imposed quarantine, we know that not every food you’re craving for is always inside your fridge. For this very reason, food delivery services, in the entirety of our life in isolation, have been regarded as frontliners in every sense of the word–modern-day lifesavers, even. With just a click, your favorite meal can be delivered right in front of your doorstep. 

With the COVID-19 still a dark figure looming around, it can be hard for us to risk going outside and prepare for the upcoming holidays or just about our day to day meals. For this exact reason, homemade goods from local food businesses have thrived online to give us a serving or two of a pre-pandemic normalcy we long to be reminded of.


Beshie’s Weekend Kitchen

Via IG: Beshie’s Weekend Kitchen

From casual dining to dessert indulgence, there’s nothing better than gorging on homemade food that reminds us of mom’s weekend cooking. Beshie’s Weekend Kitchen offers a menu of home cooked meals that are dining table staples to party favorites. From the beef morcon, kare kare, to ube halaya, and even mango graham cake in a can, this is a convenient way to prepare a meal with the family and even as a hearty, filling gift to friends, especially this coming holiday season with prices ranging from P250 – P500 per order.


Nanay Luisa’s Queso de Bola Spread

Via IG: Nanay Luisa’s Queso de Bola Spread


Feast like it’s Christmas everyday with Nanay Luisa’s Queso de Bola Spread. With just P200, you can now order a 100 gram (g) jar of queso de bola online–if that’s not enough you can always upgrade it to a 200g jar for just P360, 400g family jar for P640, and 850g giant jar for P1,260. 

If you’re looking for a gift your loved ones will surely love, Nanay Luisa’s Queso de Bola jars also come with red gift pouches and tags. 

Check them out on Facebook: or send them an email at: [email protected]


Bulilit Kitchen

Via IG: Bulilit Kitchen


Who says you still need to go outside to enjoy the savory flavors of isaw, kwek-kwek, betamax, and chicken feet? Bulilit Kitchen is the answer to your street food craving.

This local restaurant does not only offer Pinoy street food, it also offers pastries such as cinnamon rolls, ube cheese pandesal, and banana bread loaf.

“Bulilit Kitchen was the product of the idea that during the quarantine lockdown, most of us are staying home and can’t easily go out and buy the food we’ve come to know and love as a mid-afternoon snack and at times dinner,” the shop writes.  “Food culture is something that will always be in all of our DNAs as Filipinos and it is one of the simple joys in life to snack on our favorites mid-day.”

If you wanna see more of their menu, check them out on their website:


Oink Oink Kitchen

For many Filipinos, it is not really a feast without their favorite lumpia paired with side dishes such as chili garlic and whatnot. In Oink Oink Chicken, you are assured that your orders are clean and always fresh. 

The shop offers homemade butter for just P90 per 200g, fresh chili garlic crab for just P200 per jar, and kimchi for just P250 per 500g.

Facebook: or send them a message: 

0977 820 7878


Mana Nama Chocolate 

Via IG: Mana Nama Chocolate 

Now that the main dishes are set,  it is time to find a shop that provides dessert! homemade Mana Nama Chocolate is the perfect end to a beautiful feast. 

Mana Nama offers perfectly packaged belgian chocolates that melt in your mouth. The shop made sure that every serving has NO added sugar nor additives such as gelatine, flour, and starch. 

The shop can give you quality chocolate while keeping your pockets full with their affordable prices. Their prices range from P25o to P260 per box depending on the flavor. 

Check them out on Facebook: or send them an email on [email protected]


Home-made by Chef Yan

Via IG: Home-made by Chef Yan


Think about indulging on doughnuts but looking for that homemade touch? These custard doughnuts are perfect complements to your day-to-day Zoom meeting hustle or your weekend K-drama binge. 

From its original custard and the coffee custard, these soft, chewy confections can easily lift your spirits up from your everyday grind or a reward for toiling that busy work-from-home week. Each box of 8 doughnuts are priced ranging from p440 to P550.


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You can visit their 3 branches:

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Check them out on Facebook: or send them an email on