Fashion and Beauty


Photographer and fashion instructor turned creative entrepreneur, Rxandy Capinpin teaches us the basics of a homemade tie-dye fashion project.

/ 23 November 2020

As the days and weeks in lockdown turn to months, our innate curiosity in pursuing undealt with passions and interests have helped us find respite from the uncertainty of a global pandemic. Since the start, we have seen food become an outlet and resource for survival even, while some have turned to learning new things, this involves arts and crafts.

If you are among the fortunate ones who’s left with something to work on at home, then I guess there’s always that appetite to “create” something. Even something as simple as a homemade fashion statement. Tie-dyed pieces have long since been around and, personally, a timeless fashion go-to. If you are at home with a number of white shirts in your closet that you want turned into something more interesting, then here’s how you can make that fashion project.

First, you’re going to need gloves, along with other key items you’ll be needing that might already be in your cupboard. Most of all, you need to have that readiness that yes, it could easily be a messy project. But once you pour your creativity in it, the reward is unparalleled.


1. Prepare Dye powder (2 tbsp per 8oz squirt bottle)


2. Soak fabric (cotton textile) into Soda Ash (1 cup for 1 gallon) for 30 mins. Fabric should be damp from the soda ash.


3. Fold fabric from your desired pattern: spiral, crumple, bullseye, twisting. Tie with rubber bands to segment the fabric.


4. Dye fabric, each section should be different colors


5. Let the fabric sip in the dye for 8-12 hours

6. Rinse fabric until water is clear. Wash with detergent without bleach.

7. Dry and see the dyed pieces come to life.