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No small thanks to the Internet, we don't even have to book a flight to get to the next big fashion revelation. From Paris’ haute couture to Manila’s Rajo Laurel collection, fashion is taking on a new approach and is reimagining the craftsmanship that comes along with it, now in a virtual format—quarantine pass not needed.

/ 5 August 2020

When you think of fashion runways, the first thing that comes to mind are the most glamorous celebrities and fashion enthusiasts lined in the first row as glamazonian-like models strut down a leveled strip. In the midst of a health pandemic, economic depression, and a global social justice movement, the fashion industry is giving new depth on what the new normal for fashion week is.

As coronavirus lockdowns were implemented, borders within neighboring cities restricted, and leisure travel across countries suspended, the idea of attending a fashion show (or even planning for one) just seems way too far-fetched. Businesses resorting to online shopping and delivery and academic institutions moving classes online brings creatives and designers to re-think and adapt how they can showcase seasonal collections without having to mask their work of art from the general public.

Fashion and technology have always gone hand in hand. Just like any other industry, bringing products online has been the main focus in terms of marketing. Fashion digital events are being done and scheduled with digital showrooms rolled out, just like how they would in physical fashion shows. It’s these kinds of innovation that allow fashion to grow beyond its exclusive nature. And thanks to the internet, we don’t even have to book a flight to get there. From Paris’ haute couture Fashion Week to Manila’s Rajo Laurel virtual collection, shows that are taking on a new approach and reimagining the craftsmanship that comes along with fashion in a virtual format, is a good alternative in leaping boundaries during these trying times—quarantine travel pass not needed.

Here’s some designers that’s able to push fashion forward digitally:

Rajo Runway Online

The virtual runway show directed by Robby Carmona unveiled Rajo’s spring/summer 2020 collection “Hacienda”, taking inspiration at where he’s residing while in lockdown—isolated in a forested area getting in touch with nature.

Paloma Wool Virtual Runway

This Barcelona label is known for its collaborative nature. Paloma Wool’s artistic projects with artists, musicians, and other creatives alike, have taken up the notch of what collaboration means by allowing customers around the world submit self-styled video clips of themselves wearing her collection.

Pink Label Congo

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Riddled with a painful history, the beauty of Congo is often untapped and overlooked. The gentleness, beauty, history, poise, majesty, strength, power, and hope of the Congolese spirit inspired this collection. When creating each piece, I was reminded of the stories my mother told me of the women she knew back home in Congo. Women who suffered great loss but still, mustered every ounce of strength everyday to show up. My hope is that this collection inspires all women to stand tall in their power and like the Democratic Republic of Congo, to use their history, whether pretty or painful — to redesign their future. My country, the land of Congo, is ripe with an abundance of natural resources — the greatest of which are its people — its women. Hanifa presents…. Pink Label Congo. Now available at

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Congolese designer Anifa Mvuemba maximized the use of Instagram while bending digital art silhouettes with her 3D runway presentation. By creating digital models showcasing her vibrant colored Pink Label Congo collection, she’s taking her fashion brand, Hanifa, without limits.

The fashion industry is always changing and creativity, unlike the coronavirus, is not to be contained—taking bits and pieces of what works and what doesn’t in constant alteration and tests. While we all cope with urgent needs, fashion might be deemed least essential. However, it’s always best to look ahead of time and seek creative ways in the face of a crisis, as we hope that research efforts ease the accelerating spread of COVID-19.

This changes the fashion landscape as we know it and adds a new layer of the viewing experience, contrary to the traditional grandiose extravaganzas and theatrics of live physical runways. It’s been working so far and who knows? This could be a thing post-pandemic, providing an outlook on what the future of fashion could be and how far it’s able to face adversities. For now, we all get to sit first row while being in the convenience of our own home. Now that’s some real VIP access.