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We're upping our sanitation game with this on-the-go crossbody bag with UV-C light that's just what we need for going out in the New Normal.

/ 15 January 2021

The Philippines remains among the top countries in the world with confirmed cases of COVID-19. Despite local governments implementing social distancing measures and curfew restrictions, the reopening of our economy has put Filipinos at increased risk. As businesses resume operations, young professionals in the new normal are monitoring their health more closely than ever. 

Since COVID-19 was first discovered, taking care of our health has gone beyond the anatomical. These days, people are particularly mindful about sanitizing their personal belongings. No matter how many feet apart we are from others, the new normal hasn’t rendered items like credit cards, money, and mobile phones useless. If anything, they remain critical to our day to day lives, especially when we transact within business premises. They are likewise susceptible to coming into close contact with unknown bacteria. Hence, sanitation solutions for our must-haves are essential. 

Image from U Elements

Amid these unprecedented times, U Elements which carries engineered bags for work, weekend, and beyond, introduces the Shield 201 Crossbody Bag. Simply put, it is designed as a sanitation ‘sidekick’ of working professionals for on-the-go, sufficient protection of everyday items. Whether you’re in a mall, grocery, office, or public transport, its wearable design allows for sanitary yet stylish protection while completing important tasks.

Here are the sleek features that make this new product a must-have:

Effective UV-C Light Sanitation

The bag’s UV-C light sanitation compartment allows one-click-initiated and 3-minute-long sanitation. UV-C light, light in 260-280nm wavelength, is certified and recommended by experts in terminating DNA/RNA of deadly microbes. Its UV-C light technology was tested effective for 99.9% microbe disinfection by globally-recognized quality compliance company STC. 

Auto-Off Safety Function

Designed for your protection, the zipper of the U Elements Shield 201 Crossbody Bag has auto-off function when zipper puller is unclasped protecting the user against UV-C lightpreventing potential skin hazards as well as eye hazards. 

Organization of Contents

The Shield 201 Crossbody Bag comes with multiple pockets, allowing for functional compartmentalization and easy retrieval of contents. 

Electronic Data Protection

Data protection of RFID-powered IDs and cards is also taken care of by the bag’s RFID-blocking compartment.

Eco-Friendly Material

Shield 201 Crossbody Bag’s polyester main material is made from recycled PET bottles, thereby reducing carbon footprint while being lightweight. The material is also water repellent, which prevents moisture from getting into personal belongings.

Portable, Stylish, and On-The-Go

Available in black and grey, the new Shield 201 Crossbody Bag sports a modern and compact design that perfectly blends with the everyday, on-the-go lifestyle. It’s portable and can be powered by a power bank.  

Image from U Elements