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ShopBack is encouraging all women to love themselves and flaunt who they are in an inspiring campaign for Women's Month, #FlauntYou.

/ 22 March 2021

In a world unkind, women are encouraged to embrace values such as body positivity and self-love as a way to accept their imperfections. As we celebrate Women’s Month, ShopBack, the biggest pre-shopping platform for online shoppers, launched the #FlauntYou campaign that aims to inspire women to embrace themselves. To honor women and applaud their confidence and beauty, the platform encourages women to flaunt who they are, including what might not be considered as conventionally desired traits. 

Among them are content creators Bea Benedicto and Angelique Manto. In their own respective Instagram pages, each shared their journey in accepting all of their imperfections as they both grew up. Benedicto wrote, “I’ve learned to accept my body for all its “imperfections”… I’m proud of myself and I’m confident with the way I look….I hope you’re also content and happy with or without your puson/stretch marks/whatever else it is you think is something to hide! I’m rooting for you always!” 

Bea Benedicto shares on Instagram how proud she is of herself for embracing her imperfections, Photo via IG: @bea_benedicto


On the other hand, Manto shared, “Showing my skin has always been a promise to myself that I accept her, flaws and all; that I solely hold the power over my own body and that I am the only one who could tell and flaunt my story.”

Angelique Manto tells her story of self-acceptance on Instagram, Photo via IG: @angeliquemanto


Consumers are also encouraged to join and help spark the movement. As an added reward, participants of the campaign have a chance to win an overnight stay in Shangri-La Manila and/or a complimentary buffet for two in HEAT by Shangri-La. To join, just post a photo of your journey to self-love and body acceptance and share how it has made you beautiful inside out. Tag @shopbackph and use the hashtags #FlauntYOU and #StartWithShopBack. Make sure to have an active ShopBack account.

ShopBack’s FlauntYou campaign showcases its desire to accompany its customers in their personal journeys of loving and embracing themselves, imperfections and all. Its cashback offers have helped many women earn from shopping for goods and services for that all-important dose of self-love.

Inspire others with your personal journey to self-love and body positivity. Share your story with ShopBack’s hashtags #FlauntYOU and #StartWithShopBack!