/ 17 November 2020

STUDENTS from the Technological Institute of the Philippines are  calling for the suspension of classes following the destruction brought by the recent typhoons, an idea also brought up by learners of the Ateneo de Manila University in their call for ‘academic strike.’

In a petition letter,  TINDIG TIP, an alliance of student organizations, appealed to the university to suspend classes for at least one week to give some ease to learners and their families that were affected by the typhoons.

“In a time of dire socio-economic conditions brought by the pandemic and onslaught of typhoons, we students stand in solidarity in staunchly requesting the TIP administration, especially our professors, to show compassion and sympathy to all the affected constituents of the university by at least suspending all classes and academic requirements,” the group said.

“We believe that overcoming this crisis is never entirely about resilience, but simply about humanity and compassion,” it added.

The students said they will launch an ‘academic strike’ until they are treated with dignity, respect and compassion.

“This is not a rebellion, but a mere exercise of freedom of speech and show of solidarity to all the victims of the flood and the pandemic,” the alliance said.

“We want honor and excellence but not at the expense of being numb and socially apathetic. We urge those with power to show compassion and exercise solidarity with their suffering constituents,” it added.