SB19 and Niana Guerrero, a TikTok star, may be working together on a new project that will be released soon. They were spotted dancing together at a crosswalk.

/ 28 March 2022

During a picture with the P-pop group at Bonifacio Global City yesterday, Guerrero looked like she was hinting at a new project with them.

When she spoke about her new video with the group, she only said that she will be in a new one with them. She didn’t give any more information about it. Even though Guerrero is known for her dance videos, some fans think that their collaboration would be about dance because Guerrero is known for her dance videos.

As they were dancing to their hit song “Bazinga ” at a crosswalk, a group of SB19 fans, known as A’TIN, saw Guerrero and the group together.

Today, March 12, Guerrero also made a TikTok video with the band SB19 in it. Fans were excited and hoped that the group would make a dance video for “Bazinga” with Guerrero.

For seven weeks in January, “Bazinga” was the top song on the Billboard Hot Trending Songs digital chart. It beat BTS’s song “Butter,” which had been at the top for six weeks. In this way, SB19 has the record for the longest streak on the digital chart.

All-male Filipino group SB19’s new music video for their new single “What?” has already been viewed more than a million times.

As of this writing, the music video has been watched more than 1,130,700 times. It has also had more than 200,000 likes and more than 90,000 comments from fans who say the group exceeded their expectations. YouTube also has a top-trending music video right now, but it’s not the first one.

People were talking about SB19 on Twitter even before the group released their new music video. This is because they are a popular Filipino group. First, they said what their new song was called on February 25th.

It was the top trending topic on Twitter when the video was released at 7 PM. Following the second trend that was still about the group, “#SB19WHATMVOutNow,” I did the same.

What? is a new song by a group of Filipino entertainers. In the music video, members Stell, Ken, Justin, Pablo, and Josh showed off their skills. They danced, sang, and rapped to the song, which had a really fierce and upbeat concept.