The legacy of the OG vlogger Lloyd Cadena leaves the internet with memories of the laughs, charities, and lessons he shared with everyone.

/ 5 September 2020

OG YouTuber Lloyd Cadena, also known as Kween LC, was announced dead on his official social media accounts on Sept. 4 at the age of 26; only two weeks before his 27th birthday. Family, friends, and fans mourned his passing and celebrated the legacy he left behind as one of the pioneers and purveyors of the local vlogging scene.

It is with a heavy heart and great sadness that we announce the untimely demise of our beloved brother Lloyd Cafe…

Posted by Lloyd Cafe Cadena on Friday, 4 September 2020

Cadena has been vlogging since 2011 during his college years and his content mostly comprises comedy, pranks, challenges, and most importantly, lessons in life. The sincerity of his simple life and clever humor are just some of the biggest factors that contributed to his success and massive following. His YouTube page Lloyd Cafe Cadena VLOGS has over 3.19M subscribers and Lloyd Cafe Cadena with 5.1M subscribers and over millions of views for each vlog earning him the title of one of the biggest local vloggers throughout his tenure. So, it’s with great sadness when his sudden passing shocked the internet that left many people looking back on his life and seeing value in his vlogs that are filled with unconditional hopes and dreams for himself, his family, and community.

As Cadena rests in power, we commemorate his life with a list of his defining moments and some facts on how he shaped the local vlogging sphere and the many contributions he made for the society.

He lived a simple ‘iskwater life’ until becoming a vlog superstar

Cadena graduated with a degree in Financial Management at Colegio de San Juan de Letran. There, he has worked with fellow internet sensation Macoy Dubs who also shared his grief in social media and urges his followers to pray for Cadena’s soul. 


His alma mater posted a tribute to his life with a beloved statement.

Rest in peace, Lloyd Cafe Cadena, a beloved Letranite.

Posted by Colegio de San Juan de Letran on Friday, 4 September 2020

In his vlogs, you can witness the candid life in his simple community and there’s a relatable sense to his viewers for his authenticity in portraying the everyday life of an ordinary Filipino. Some of his vlogs include playing in the flood, the ‘iskwater life’, seeking help from ‘tambays’, playing with the kids outside, and more and all of which exudes his genuine gleeful personality who finds happiness in the little and simple things in life. Back there, he would host celebrations and parties for his neighbors that only showed his care for them without being blinded by his rising fame. 

His dream of buying a house and lot was just fulfilled recently

As one of the pioneers of local vlogging, Cadena’s success through the years paid off with his dream of getting a house and lot for his OFW parents was fulfilled. He has been very giving to his family and community and this house he bought was a very personal wish that he shares with his parents. 

In this vlog, he brings his mom in his new house and the experience was very emotional and shows a lot of happiness and fulfillment even in the eyes of its viewers. Congratulatory comments filled his page and everyone cherished this moment for him because of the reverence he garnered for his generosity and down-to-earth personality.

We are in immense grief to hear of the untimely passing of Lloyd Cadena. Despite the short amount of time we have…

Posted by Madhouse Design Studio on Friday, 4 September 2020

Madhouse Design Studio was tasked for the interiors of his new home and expresses their sympathies and grief that he won’t even be able to see his dream house’s completion.

He’s very generous towards his community and shares values with them

Part of his influence was to spread good values and give back to the community that shaped him to be the person he is today. So with this, he’s been very generous towards his neighbors through different efforts that can be seen on his LC Gives Back and LC Surprise sections on his YouTube page where he fulfills people’s wishes and gives support to those in need. 

He’s also very motherly to the kids so aside from being generous with gifts for them, he also teaches them values and keeps watch of their attitude at all times. Even casting them as part of his crew so that these kids can earn some extra fee and at the same time, have a good time and enjoy activities that empower them. 


He even gave away some tablets for kids who cannot afford the tablet or computer requirements needed for the new normal education scheme.


There’s also an effort for community-building through his support for Bakla ng Taon which has launched their own YouTube page as well. Here, we follow the lives of gays including Ariel, Limuel, Jessica, Bebang, George, Jerico, Andrew, Jessica as they “change the world one PAK GANERN at a time!”


He’s had a colorful career including a Radio DJ and a Book Author

Cadena also shared some experience as a Radio DJ for Love Radio in 2017 where he would give laughs and advice to people. To him, it was the first time he trended and his positive reception with the show garnered him more visibility and recognition. His distinct laugh also echoed for some time and left an imprint for his contagious happiness.

As a book author, he had Ex-Rated in 2017 to which he infused his funny personality to deal with love problems.

He’s a multi-awarded celebrity with prestigious recognitions

While building up his way to stardom, Cadena has had a few awards with him in his early days including a Globe Tatt Awards Best Comedy on Youtube in 2013.

He was also granted the YouTube Personality Award at one of the biggest Asian social media awards event at Influence Asia 2017. Then in 2018, he won three awards at the OPPO’s Blogopolis that includes OPPO Capture the real you Award, Online Choice for Class Clown, and a Nuffie Awards Winner for Class Clown.

Earning up to over a million subscribers, he was automatically handed a YouTube’s Gold Creator Award and continued to build up to 3M today.

He is a BIG Mariah Carey fan

Cadena has been very vocal about his love for Mariah Carey. So it was mind-blowing and heart-warming to see Mariah Carey, herself, tweet a message of sympathy for his death.

Lloyd Cadena joins fellow social media personality, Emman Nimedez, in the list of people we will miss this year. It’s heartbreaking to lose two of the leading YouTubers in the country but their legacies will always be remembered.