/ 6 November 2021

Jude Clarence, a rising singer & songwriter in the music industry who is truly making a name for himself, marks another milestone as he releases his first ever music video for his third single entitled “Promises”. The artist says that he has been truly overwhelmed with the support he has received upon releasing his songs and that this is indeed a “dream come true”.

Promises, released in September 2021, is a song that speaks for all the ones that have been left without any warning and played with that resulted in self-doubt and disappointment. It talks about how bad it feels to be betrayed, and how powerful words can be; it is like poison that seeps into the very core of our hearts that slowly kills from the inside. It is also a song that reminds us that we should be careful of what we say, because we never know how this would affect the other party.

The success of Promises – Music Video would not be possible without the following individuals that helped Jude Clarence along this journey.

Jude Clarence with ‘Promises’ Director, Mark Jinno Visulas

The project was Directed by Mark Jinno Visuals, Partnered with 5C’s Indulge & El Classico, and Special Thanks to Ali Yuson, Elsha Claudine Damolo, Iela Patag, and Dos Santiago.

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