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For all the young girls ages 11-17 out there who dream of joining the world of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), but don't know how to start, this one's for you.

/ 26 May 2021

Historically, the branches of studies and careers that revolve around Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) are predominantly made up of men. For generations, children have been conditioned to think that the world of STEM is “for boys”, and not a place for proper young girls. This is apparent in old school films that strengthen this divide with the power of representation, and the number of celebrated professionals in the industry that are men. However, times are changing, and STEM FEMME Warriors Club is making sure young girls get the support they need in order to spearhead this change within the male-dominated industry.

STEM FEMME Warriors Club is an online club for girls ages 11-17 who dream of one day making it big in these branches of study. Founded by 3M Philippines and Mano Amiga, the club is built around the promise of sisterhood (or a SiSTEMhood, to be exact) with a band of STEM Warriors making their first steps, and a long list of STEM Heroines to guide them.

Young girls who are interested to learn more about STEM can join the club (for FREE!) and enjoy the exclusive perks for Members, which includes the following:

  • Exclusive STEM Challenge with Prizes
  • Exclusive STEM Events
    • Members’ Game/Quiz Night
    • Together We STEM
    • Meet & Greet with STEM Heroine
  • Collect Badges and Win a Prize!
  • Newsletter Feature
  • STEM Tour with 3M Philippines

Photo via IG: stemfemmeclub


The aforementioned STEM Heroines gather some of the most inspiring women and young girls who are making a name for themselves in the industry. Some of the Heroines members can meet include Isabel Sieh, founder of Girls Will Code; Maricor Soriano, Ph.D, Doctor of Philosophy in Physics at UP Diliman; Josephine Santiago-Bond, NASA Engineer; Melanie Perkins, founder of Canva, and so much more.

STEM FEMME Club is an extension of Mano Amiga’s STEM Warriors Camp, which focuses more on creating a virtual camp for kids ages 7-9, and introducing the wonders of science, math, and the like. STEM FEMME Warriors Club cultivates this interest and guides them towards learning even more about STEM, and how to make the initial steps in following this career path.

On April 30, an official kick-off event was held to launch the club, marking the formal opening of its activities to the FEMME Club members. The first batch of STEM Warriors will be featured on the website, alongside all the STEM Heroines they look up to. In a press statement, the club revealed to have close to 600 members across the Philippines just on its first few months.

This incredible initiative by Mano Amiga and 3M Philippines is truly something to be celebrated as it establishes and cultivates an impassioned support system for STEM skills and interests among young Filipina girls.

As women empowerment gains stronger footing in today’s world, this also cascades down to our successors who would one day build on and innovate whatever they’ll inherit from previous generations. Hopefully, with this program, girls who would one day grow to be strong women would have a resounding voice in what that future will hold with the power of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

It’s also important to make sure young girls see that their dreams can be attained, with the close mentorship they’ll have with professionals who have made it before them. It’s about time we empower teenage girls who want to transform the world through STEM, and STEM FEMME Warriors Club is making sure it finally happens.

Learn more about the STEM Warriors Club program at You can also follow their activities on Facebook and Instagram.