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Poking fun at Harvard University’s empty campus posts, Filipinos once again showed the internet our power to trend and find humor in unpredictable circumstances.

/ 27 August 2020

Once again, Filipinos’ knack for turning a seemingly ordinary topic into a wild meme sparked the “Harvard” trend on Aug. 25. It’s crazy how the prestigious foreign university has reached our shores and has touched our uncanny humor unprecedentedly.

The trend may have probably started when Harvard University began posting photos of their facilities during the lockdown period. Baring blank, traffic-less walkways and buildings, Filipinos got the idea of relating themselves with the university as if they are actually students from there. The unpredictability of this wildly imaginative idea began to spread viral on social media from Facebook to Twitter and thus began yet another show of Filipinos’ weird humor. 

Since it clicked, here’s some of the best entries we saw from the trend:


naalala ko yung classmate ko stay in dito may multo daw dyan dating sementeryo buti uwian ako with my jet plane

Posted by Val Canoza on Tuesday, August 25, 2020


Grabe lang dito napupunta ang tuition namin tuwing PAASCU Accreditation chaz

Posted by John Clifford Sibayan on Tuesday, August 25, 2020


Naalala ko pa nung tinuturuan mo pa ako dito ng physics.

Posted by Michael Jake Adina on Monday, August 24, 2020

That time na ginawan ko ng halo-halo at saging con yelo mga Harvard classmates ko. I miss white Christmas sa Harvard. Shout out sa section mapagmahal! Reunion soon!

Posted by Ampolista Velasco on Tuesday, August 25, 2020


Nasaan na kaya 'yung mga kalaro ko sa patintero??? ???? Nakaka-miss!!!❤

Posted by Chester Jan Singian on Tuesday, August 25, 2020

While these are all just for fun, it tells a lot about the college culture in the Philippines. A nostalgic experience for young Filipinos to reminisce about the good, old pre-pandemic days. Sharing stories of sharing canteen staples, cliche dating experiences, our love and respect for guards and janitors, and even the common urban stories that roam around distinct institutions. It’s yet another breeze of fresh memes to give us a break from the saturated internet’s barrage of sad news.

And as Filipinos continued their streak and show of power in social media, Harvard’s engagement spiked with tons of spams and the world began to question the randomness of this activity. Below is one of the initial posts that was targeted by Filipinos that, as of writing, has reached 5.1K comments and 76K shares. 

A quiet campus.Photo: Rose Lincoln/Harvard Staff Photographer

Posted by Harvard University on Friday, July 24, 2020

Interestingly, Filipinos skipped Harvard’s more serious posts that tackles research, studies and historical posts which only shows the consideration of responsibility in social media. Instead, Filipinos focused more on poking fun at the empty campus narrative proving the harmlessness it intends of the trend. 

Either it’s boredom or peer pressures of the internet, the activity has become an exciting trend these days to share unique experiences of the college life. It also just means that the new normal has already affected many people to look back into the leisure of life then.