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Ah, the school freedom wall. Home to secret admirers covertly telling their crushes how they feel, ridiculous testimonies of stories you never thought was possible to happen in campus, and the rare Pokémon: a K-Pop fanfic in the making.

/ 5 March 2021

Most schools have their own versions of the freedom wall—may it be a physical floor-to-ceiling concrete wall, or a digital Facebook page where everyone can submit their wildest confessions. In recent years as the famed wall migrated to the virtual world, people are getting more and more comfortable to share the funniest, most heartfelt, or even most unbelievable stories, with some of the more far-fetched narratives causing disbelief. But regardless if these accounts are reality or fiction, they do make some pretty entertaining scenarios to read about.

Some so-called “confessions” that have caused quite a stir in the University of Santo Tomas’ (UST) freedom wall on Facebook are ones involving world-famous K-Pop idols. Not stories of how they met their favorite artists, or anything like that. But ridiculous, absolutely fictional, straight-out-of-a-fanfic narrations of almost-kidnappings, meet-cutes, and more.

One of the stories involved EXO member Chanyeol, playing the part of a cute random guy the original poster (OP) met as he asked to give her a ride. The tale went on to say she originally thought she was being kidnapped, but “Chanyeol” really just wanted to give her a ride home and ask if she was single. Just your standard, fan fiction scenario where the concept of “stranger danger” is non-existent. The funniest part about the post is the candid photo that came with it of the idol looking off-cam behind the steering wheel—the perfect material to support the story.


Another “confession” stars iKON member Junhoe who here plays another cute random guy who finds OP’s phone in a coffeeshop. She posted a dramatic retelling of how anxious she was, looking for her phone, before “cute random guy” talked to her and gave it back. She also inserted a cute moment where he calmed her down as she panicked. Afterwards, when she was looking through her photo gallery, she saw a selfie of the guy—and now she’s asking the UST Freedom Wall to help her look for him.


Finally, we have a post notifying the UST student body of a graduation photo found in the hallway. The original poster detailed where she found the photo in the campus, and how the owner could find her by commenting below. The post inserted the graduation pic, and lo and behold—it’s EXO member Sehun.


These accounts are just all for fun and entertainment, and it has definitely done a good enough job to promote the groups as well. From crushes to ghost stories, and now to K-Pop confessionals—we can’t wait to see what else pops up in the university’s Freedom Wall.