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This is not a romanticization of the working student life. Simply an appreciation and salute to the many who strive to live the life they deserve.

/ 22 September 2020

People commend working students. Their steadfast commitment to juggle in-between school and work is admirable. Taking on different mantles from fast food servers and cashiers and delivery services, menial jobs are not to be taken too lightly. Our sheer, innocent “finding hope in humanity” is something we celebrate, but at times, we question, “Do they deserve this life?”, “Are they gonna be fine?”

We’ve witnessed these scenarios a lot and it gave us more drive to work harder and gratitude in the life we live. These people are hardworking and passionate therefore us, privileged, find value in their perseverance as “role models” for the youth. It begs no question. We look up to these people because they carried on with so much effort to attain the things they truly deserve. While others are comfortable in the life they live and their family for the support, working students work hard for the money and aspirations.

On September 8, photographer James Ona shared the creative shots he did with working student, Catherine Estrabela, who works in a fast food chain while studying in PUP. In his post, he told the story of how they were delighted with her and even gave her extra shots with her in her work uniform. He went on to commend her perseverance and even gave an insight on how having one job is hard enough therefore it’s inspiring to see her gleefully taking her graduation photos and sees a bright future ahead of her.


A story worth sharing. <3This is Cath, one of the graduating students from PUP Open University. After shooting her…

Posted by James Ona on Tuesday, 8 September 2020


In the same week, working student Jan Dominique Agravante went viral for her photo which shows her dedication to study even during work breaks. She was on her fourth year as a Business Administration major in Marketing Management at the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Marikina and has been a working student since 2016. Two photos of her circulated, one on a Zoom class with her seen in her uniform at her workplace, and another shot by her co-worker that sees her sitting on the floor doing her class. In her appreciation post, she exudes a positive vibe despite her busy schedules and even inspires her fellow classmates to strive in their final year at school.


Appreciation Post ????Pasasalamatan ko lang mga pemsa ko na nandyadyaan lagi para gabayan ang isa't isa samen esp. Kapag…

Posted by Jan Dominique A. Agravante on Wednesday, 2 September 2020


That’s why it’s refreshing and uplifting to hear and read success stories. They hold truths that the many privileged are not exposed to. It’s not romanticization of perseverance, but just sheer inspiration. They deserve better education with better circumstances. However, we live in a world where not everyone can live the life we deserve. While others lived in the fast lane, some were taking a harder route. They say education is the key to a better life, but being smarter is the key to a comfortable life. 

Cheers to the working students and salute to their hard work.