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When it comes to bringing art closer to the community, no one does it better than Artinformal Gallery. From solo to group art exhibitions, your eyes will fawn over their array of painting, sculpture, and pottery.

/ 3 March 2021

Somewhere in the busy streets of Metro Manila stands the gallery spaces of Arinformal. Conceived in 2004, the gallery seeks to build a stronger bridge between the Filipino community and contemporary art. 

As of this post, the gallery boasts two branches–one in Greenhills, San Juan, and the other at They Alley at Karrivin Plaza, Makati. The POST PH took a glimpse of the latter and here’s what we found.

When people think of Makati, all they ever remember are countless skyscrapers, malls, hotels, and restaurants. But in this city lies an array of sculpture, painting, pottery, installation, multimedia art, and performances that flourish through the help of Artinformal. 

Their gallery in Makati has three exhibition spaces: Atsuko Yamagata’s “Distance,” Ringo Bunoan’s “Proofs and Mysteries,” and Mars Bugaoan’s “Unit 3103”. They are available for free public viewing from February 13 to March 6, 2021. 

Meanwhile, Aphro Living Art & Design, which is just a few steps away from Artinformal,currently features the work of Geraldine Javier. 

“This is ‘Our House’ by Geraldine Javier Studio. It’s a collection that is done by her assistants in Batangas–she designed them and they were the ones who made the works. If you look closer, you will be able see the names of the people who made them,” Artinformal Gallery and Sales Assistant Roselle de Guzman told The POST PH. 

‘Our House’ by Geraldine Javier 

From left to right: Aphro Gallery and Sales Assistant Roselle de Guzman, Artinformal /Aphro Marketing and Operations Manager Tara Valencia


De Guzman added that all the furniture–from the wind chimes to the tables and chairs–are handmade. 

“So everything here is handmade. The tables, wind chimes, the dolls. So a lot of these are actually inspired by Frida Kahlo, so we have here like floral and very colorful stuff. According to the artist, these were silk organza done with gel press–it’s really for the house.”

Meanwhile, the two other galleries feature the works of Atsuko Yamagata, Mars Bungaoan, and Ringo Bunoan. They are available for free public viewing from February 13 to March 6, 2021. 

Whether you want to immerse yourself in the wonders of contemporary art, or you just need a little break, the doors of Artinformal Gallery are open Tuesdays- Saturdays, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m..

You may also contact them through their e-mail: [email protected] or check their website and Instagram pages.